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Where Goes the Beach South of Rincón?

I remember not so long ago when these beaches were tens of yards wide.

(Click on pic for larger view)
December 2001
The view from the water
December 2002 - Looking north
December 2003 - Looking north.
Compare to Below.
February 2005 - Looking south.
Compare to Below
February 2005 - Looking south.
Compate to the pic to the right. Where did
 the fence and wall disappear to?

October 2005 - Looking north
This is another view of above pic
 from the opposite direction.
Also compare to the left.

The Marina is to the Left - Notice How it is
Socked In By Sand. The Ocean is on the Right.

More Pictures From Better Times

View From the Sea - Much More Beach

Source:  Travelandsports.com

Pictures From the Villa Cofresi Website

The view north. There used to be a deck in front of the grill.

The view to the south.

Another view north.

Contributing to the loss of sands on these beaches were the creation of a marina to the north and the mining of beach sand, ashore and from the near-shore sea.

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